Passionate about helping you get (gently) out of your own way. So you can criticise yourself less — and love your life a whole lot more.


Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Hello, I’m Jennifer and I’m the first and only Self-Kindness Coach. I help people all over the world ease their negative self-talk, shore up their self-worth, and increase their self-confidence –– so they can live life more joyfully, on their terms.

Indeed, each of my clients has one thing in common: a desire to break free of their limitations so they can have the life they’ve always desired. I help them do exactly that — and I can help you, too.


self-kindness is my secret weapon for an expansive life — and it can be yours, too.


Why ‘The Self-Kindness Coach’?

Self-criticism is not just a case of being ‘a little bit hard on ourselves’— it can have lasting implications for our mental and physical health. Self-criticism (and its psychological siblings including low self-worth, imposter syndrome, and perfectionism) have been linked with loneliness, lack of intimacy, marital dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, among many other conditions.

Most of us, particularly if we’re female, live our lives with some level of self-doubt and an inner critic that, at times, leaves us feeling inadequate. These traits can adversely impact every aspect of our lives: from our ability to earn money and the relationships we choose, to how we parent our children and the way we treat our body. We might feel like we’ve somehow ‘fooled’ others with our competence, that we’ve been ‘lucky,’ rather than acknowledging the gains we’ve made through our intelligence and hard work. We often believe we’re only worthy if we’re perfect, invulnerable, and never wrong.

Practising self-kindness and self-compassion can help ease the grip of self-criticism, and begin to shift these ingrained beliefs. The payoff? Increased confidence, ease, and joy; a life where struggle becomes the exception rather than the daily norm.

But isn’t self-kindness self-indulgent?

No! Although society champions kindness and compassion toward others, many people incorrectly assume that turning that focus inward is selfish and will make us weak, soft, or somehow less effective. But the opposite is true: studies show that practising self-compassion helps us feel freer, more resilient, more confident, and better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. (And who wouldn’t want that?)

How do I know this?

In addition to the published research, I’m living proof, as are my clients. My outward attempts to prove I was ‘good enough’ showed up as over-achievement coupled with a hefty side of burnout, repeated illnesses, anxiety, and depression. Then one day, as I sat on my sofa (sick again and berating myself for not getting enough work done), I decided ‘ENOUGH!’ That day led me to reevaluate my entire life, and marked the beginning of my journey toward self-acceptance, increased self-worth, and greater happiness. As a coach, trainee psychotherapist, and self-kindness champion — as well as a former self-bully! — I want the same for you.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is not complete.”

— jack kornfield